In the world of logistics, methods, and systems that can simplify and streamline the supply chain while cutting costs are constantly being refined and customized to better benefit individual businesses. Cross-docking is one such method.

Cross-docking gives the carrier the ability to unload products directly from incoming transport onto outbound transport with little, if any, long term storage in between. – Getting your driver back on the road”

Cross-docking can help streamline the fulfillment processes, reduce order fulfillment cycle time, and improve productivity.  Here at RFMX we utilize traditional warehousing along with cross- docking to efficiently move inbound freight directly from the receiving dock to outbound trucks.

To find out how RFMX can help you utilize our cross-docking method, please email [email protected] or call direct 303-564-3355

Container pic
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Traditional Distribution Diagram
Crossdocking Diagram
Torque tubes & hyster